What is Data Security? How Can Businesses Take Action?

What is Data Security?

In simple terms, data security is defined as the protection of data against unauthorized access. The most important focus in data security is to protect personal or corporate data while ensuring its confidentiality and verifying its integrity.

Key Elements in Data Security

Data security is based on three main elements. With the fulfillment of these three elements, data security emerges. Otherwise, we would like to remind you that data security cannot be mentioned. These three main elements are listed as data confidentiality, data integrity, and data availability.

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What Can Be Done in Data Security?

Cybercrime has now become the nightmare of our digital life. This type of crime can cause serious damage to our lives and institutions. Even though large companies try to protect themselves by making serious investments against cyber-attackers, we have started to see that they face very serious losses.

Data Security for Employees

Corporate employees represent the weakest link in the security world. No matter how strong a defense you have or how big an investment you make, it’s obvious that cyber attackers often use social engineering and phishing attacks to trap employees.

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Required Steps for Data Security

To ensure your data security, you should follow the steps below:

What are the Benefits of Data Security?

Loss of data is very costly for an organization. That’s why data security is important and its implementation eliminates possible risks and provides benefits. With data security, vulnerabilities are detected and repaired.

What Does a Data Security Specialist Do?

The data security specialist, who works in departments such as information processing and security, deals with the entire security infrastructure of the institution he/she serves. It protects the information systems and network systems of the institution. It deals with the company’s security infrastructure. Analyzes security systems and offers suggestions.



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