Why You Should Learn Coding as a Manager?

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With the non-stop development of technology, everything becomes automated; coding started to become an ordinary routine job. It seems that it is now a necessity to start coding and acquire new skills in this regard.

The demand for these capabilities has never been more intense, and moreover, you can access all these capabilities from the comfort of your home.

Studies show that the place of software is increasing in the newly created business environments of the internet world. This tells us that having good coding knowledge greatly helps us find a job in the modern economy.

You may ask yourself; I am a manager, why the hell I should learn coding or software when I have gals and girls to do it? Well, here’s why…

In this article, we will try to focus on why you should learn to code. First of all, let me state that this should be at the top of what you need to do in 2022. If you have been in the web industry for a long time; As you know, there is always something new to learn in this field and it is endless.

But at the same time, this environment promises you opportunities to learn them, and you should take advantage of it. Now let’s discuss why it’s time to learn to code, especially if you are running a business.

Coding Your Own Business Idea: Especially for new ventures, if the business idea has not been well invested, producing or purchasing the technical solution that will bring the business idea to life will be one of the biggest costs. Being able to code his own idea will be a great advantage.

Some may say that I would like to use my time more efficiently and have someone else print the code. Even when you choose this, don’t you want to know which technology, infrastructure, cloud solution, artificial intelligence algorithm is the most suitable for you? Wasting one-shot bullets would not be preferable at all.

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Effective Communication with Software Developers: Especially for managers working in large technology companies or managing large organizations, it will not be possible to actually write code. In this case, the same managers will be able to communicate their needs to software developers more effective and focused, while they will feel more confident to discuss emerging technical problems and obstacles.

They will even be able to produce solutions to some software problems. It will become agile both personally and to stakeholder teams. I think most importantly, it will facilitate work and team management and establish a trusting relationship, as it can share the same excitement or anxiety with software developers.

Hiring or Finding a Job: You are interviewing two people you will hire as a Digital Product Manager, both have the features you are looking for, but one of them also knows coding, which would you prefer?

Well, you wanted to continue your career in the Sales Department in a company with a well-paid, fascinating side benefit, and become a brand, imagine that you measured the sales analysis with an application you wrote in the job interview, explain that other sales representatives use your application and talk about the earnings you have achieved in this way. You will definitely make a difference and the job will be yours.

Efficiency: It allows you to realize what work you have to do yourself, which work you need to have computers do. Let computers do your work, you spend time on things that really require creativity.

coding for managers naxcon


“Why should I use cloud solutions instead of investing in a data center under my own control?”,

“What is the impact of wrong technical decisions on our products, services, processes that we have invested in the last 5 years and have not gained any benefit from?”,

“Investing in the technologies of the future? it will make us stand out, but investing in them before necessary also means buying the risk of the disappearance of that technology before it matures. Is it time now?”,

“We spent millions of dollars on the decision support system using Artificial Intelligence, it provides the same benefit as our competitor Excel, was this investment necessary, could we not find another solution?”

These questions are the exact same reasons why you should learn coding as a manager: to find the right answers!

Analytical and Algorithmic Thinking Skills: I think this is the most important contribution of knowing to code. Analytical thinking is defined as “the systematic way of thinking that is carried out to solve a problem, by parsing information and to arrive at a conclusion by considering the elements that make up the problem”.

From you as a manager; You are not expected to design and develop a game, mobile application, or enterprise architecture system with millions of users, or to be a master of C, C++, C#, Java, Python, JS, HTML, PHP or new languages ​​that we do not know at the moment.

It is much more important to learn the basics of programming such as variables, functions, conditions, loops, and arrays rather than an up-to-date programming language.

These basic concepts will teach you how to handle a problem, how to break down a big problem and make it solvable, how to recognize the error, how to provide efficiency with appropriate cycles, how to run a systematic decision tree in cases of indecision, and choose the most logical, not the most emotional, the possibility for the right decision. It will teach you to solve the relationship between the part and the whole and to produce new solutions with the same material at the point where your current solution is blocked.

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Adaptation to New Technologies: In the October’17 issue of HBR Turkey, 50 managers from many sectors such as Banking, Informatics, Insurance, Logistics, and Energy were interviewed about the next 5 years. In these interviews, almost all managers emphasized that they should invest in familiar technologies for the next 5 years (This interview is a separate article on its own, but I can only say that all of these managers are aware of the future trends, but almost none of them have a strategy on these issues.) From the interview, we got the prominent keywords: “Artificial Intelligence”, “Machine Learning”, “Deep Learning”, “BlockChain”, “IoT”, “Biotechnology”, “Nanotechnology”, “Education”, “R&D and Innovation”, “Digital Transformation”, “Industry 4.0”, “Energy”…

Don’t you think it’s time to start?

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